12 Jul

Some Tips for Installing Multiple Audio Amplifiers

If you are setting up a home theater system or multiple speakers for reproducing multi-channel audio then you will need to drive each speaker with a amplifier. Therefore, you will need to purchase multiple amplifiers. However, setting up multiple amplifiers is not as easy as setting up a single unit. Follow the instructions from this post in order to achieve best results.

First of all, when purchasing multiple amplifiers I would always recommend purchasing models which are fairly small. A small size will save space. Also, dealing with small amplifiers usually is much easier than lugging around large units. Regardless of the size of the amplifier, make sure that each unit has a standard size and ideally can be mounted in a rack. Obviously, you don’t want to waste a lot of purchasing fairly large amplifiers that have standard rack spacing. Instead you might want to focus on purchasing amplifiers which are small …

24 Oct

What Is the Actual Range of Wireless Speakers?

This post focuses on examining the behavior of wireless speakers in different applications. In particular, I’m going to focus on real applications which occur in everyday life. The result can be startling because it is quite different than what the manufacturer’s promise in their advertising brochures.

wireless Amphony speakers

It is not that easy to classify different types of speakers. There are a number of different wireless speaker technologies on the market. Bluetooth is one of the more popular technologies used nowadays. Obviously, the simplicity of being able to stream from a portable device is tempting. There’s no app to install or no separate transmitter to purchase. However, the behavior Bluetooth speakers depends on the streaming device is much as the speaker itself. In real life, uses will stream from multiple devices such as USB dongles, cell phones and computers. The wireless range of the speaker depends in part on the speaker itself. The speaker has …

15 Sep

Some Tips for Connecting an IPod

IPods are a great way to store a music collection. They have a great display and are easy to use. Most people use a pair of earbuds. When you purchase an iPod, Apple will already include some earbuds in the package. However, the sound quality of these earbuds is not amazing. I guess they are okay for casual listening. They are quite convenient because they are fairly small and can be used while traveling. When storing your iPod, it is easy to also store these earbuds. However, if you want some better sound quality then I recommend streaming the music to some speakers.

There many speakers on the market which allow connecting an iPod. I am going to look at some options. First of all, most manufacturers of speakers which feature an iPod cradle connect to the iPod using the docking connector. The docking connector is something which is unique to Apple products. …

17 Aug

A Look at Power Amplifiers

There many different types of power amplifiers on the market. In this article, I will review some commonly available types and also highlights which type of amplifier is most suitable for which specific application. If you are in the market for a stereo amplifier then keep on reading.

Power amplifiers are the link between an audio source which delivers low-level audio and loudspeakers. Loudspeakers require a fair amount of power in order to generate sound. That is simple physics. Without power there won’t be any energy to generate sound waves. Most types of audio equipment such as DVD players are not able to deliver sufficient power to drive a pair of speakers. Therefore, you need an amplifier in between the source and the speakers. The amplifier takes a low-level audio signal and generates enough energy to drive some speakers. The signal which is delivered by the audio amplifier is similar to the signal …